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Trandruk Monastery

The Pearl Thangka of Trandruk Monastery, Shannan

In Tibetan, Trandruk means 'the sound of an eagle roaring like a dragon'. It is said that the place where Trandruk Monastery now stands was once a lake. A monstrous dragon with five heads settled on the lake and did great harm to the inhabitants. In order to bring peace back to the lives of the people living around the lake, Songtsen Gampo turned into a roc, a fantastic kind of bird, and fought many times with the monster. Finally the evil dragon lost the battle. The roc pecked at the five heads of the dragon and it died. Therefore the name of Trandruk was given to the monastery when it was built, to commemorate the great deeds of Songtsen Gampo. Trandruk Monastery is one of the most famous monasteries in Tibet. Built in the age of the great ruler Songtsen Gampo, the main building is called Tshomchen. Inside this building is a giant statue of Buddha, distinguished by the fact that it is cast entirely in copper. The greatest treasure in the monastery is a {{thangka|/features/thangkas.htm}} made from 29,026 pearls, a diamond, two carbuncles, and other precious gens. This invaluable thangka, completed towards the end of the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), is really worth a visit.

Trandruk Monastery, Shannan, Tibet

 Getting there:

You can take regular bus from Nedong Lu in Tsedang and get off at the terminal.

You can take an auto-trcycle or local tractors to get there.

You can also walk if you have time. The whole journey will take you about one hour.
Admission fee:
CNY 40

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