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Beijing Impression

Daily Itinerary Briefings

 1st Day : Arrival in Beijing 

Temple of Heaven, Beijing

By the time your flight arrives at Beijing International Airport, our local English-speaking guide will pick you up at the airport after you clear the customs. Transfer to the hotel and we will leave the rest of the day free for your own arrangement.
Accommodation: Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel    - the best Holiday Inn Hotel in Beijing
 2nd Day: Beijing  (B+L)

After breakfast, you will meet your group members at the lobby of the hotel where your guide will give you all a briefing. The first day tour begins with a visit to the world-famous Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, the world’s largest city square and ancient architectural complex. After an a la carte lunch of authentic Chinese food, you will visit the Temple of Heaven, the imperial altar. The evening highlights is the lively Chinese Kung Fu Show at the Red Theatre.
Accommodation: Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel   

 3rd Day: Beijing  (B)

Ming Tomb, Beijing

A big breakfast is recommended today as you will hike the splendid Badaling Great Wall in the morning. And also restaurants in the mountain area are tourist restaurants which can not meet our standard, so we suggest you prepare some fast food for your lunch. After you make to the top, we will provide red wine for a group-toasting to celebrate and commemorate this moment. Drop by a jade factory. Then the exploration continues with a visit to the Sacred Way in the afternoon. The whole day's sightseeing comes to an end after seeing the Bird's Nest (Olympic National Stadium) on the way to the urban area. Our driver stops there for a few minutes for you to take pictures if you so wish. 
Accommodation: Holiday Inn Central Plaza Hotel   
 4th Day: Beijing   (B+L)   

Summer Palace, Beijing

Today you will visit Summer Palace in the morning, where you will appreciate the magnificent landscape and architecture of the ancient Chinese royal garden. Among all the attractive and beautiful sites, the most famous ones are the enchanting Kunming Lake and the well-known Long Gallery. Then visit a pearl store. After a scrumptious a la carte lunch, a tour of the traditional Hutong area is scheduled. You can walk or if you like, take the rickshaw along the original Hutong alleys and get a glance of the lifestyle of local families. Your amazing tour ends here. Please go to the airport or go back to the hote on your own. Our guide will be pleased to assist you to get the taxi. If you wish to stay on in Beijing or travel to other cities, please consult our tour experts for arrangements. We are happy to assist you 24 hours a day.

2017 Tour Price

(Based on per person and shown in US dollars)

Group Code
Arrival Date
Departure Date
Double Occupancy
Sole Occupancy
17-BJ0105 Jan 05(Thu) Jan 08(Sun) $231.00 $351.00 Closed
17-BJ0214 Feb 14(Tue) Feb 17(Fri) $231.00 $351.00 Closed
17-BJ0224 Feb 24(Fri) Feb 27(Mon) $231.00 $351.00 Closed
17-BJ0305 Mar 05(Sun) Mar 08(Wed) $231.00 $351.00 Closed
17-BJ0312 Mar 12(Sun) Mar 15(Wed) $231.00 $351.00 Closed
17-BJ0326 Mar 26(Sun) Mar 29(Wed) $231.00 $351.00 Closed
17-BJ0401 Apr 01(Sat) Apr 04(Tue) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0406 Apr 06(Thu) Apr 09(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0413 Apr 13(Thu) Apr 16(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0420 Apr 20(Thu) Apr 23(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0504 May 04(Thu) May 07(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0511 May 11(Thu) May 14(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0518 May 18(Thu) May 21(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0525 May 25(Thu) May 28(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0601 Jun 01(Thu) Jun 04(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ0608 Jun 08(Thu) Jun 11(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ0615 Jun 15(Thu) Jun 18(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ0622 Jun 22(Thu) Jun 25(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ0629 Jun 29(Thu) Jul 02(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ0706 Jul 06(Thu) Jul 09(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ0713 Jul 13(Thu) Jul 16(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ0720 Jul 20(Thu) Jul 23(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ0727 Jul 27(Thu) Jul 30(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ0803 Aug 03(Thu) Aug 06(Sun) $251.00 $381.00 Closed
17-BJ0810 Aug 10(Thu) Aug 13(Sun) $251.00 $381.00 Closed
17-BJ0817 Aug 17(Thu) Aug 20(Sun) $251.00 $381.00 Closed
17-BJ0824 Aug 24(Thu) Aug 27(Sun) $251.00 $381.00 Closed
17-BJ0831 Aug 31(Thu) Sep 03(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0907 Sep 07(Thu) Sep 10(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0914 Sep 14(Thu) Sep 17(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ0921 Sep 21(Thu) Sep 24(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ1005 Oct 05(Thu) Oct 08(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ1012 Oct 12(Thu) Oct 15(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ1019 Oct 19(Thu) Oct 22(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ1026 Oct 26(Thu) Oct 29(Sun) $261.00 $391.00 Closed
17-BJ1102 Nov 02(Thu) Nov 05(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ1109 Nov 09(Thu) Nov 12(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ1116 Nov 16(Thu) Nov 19(Sun) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ1209 Dec 09(Sat) Dec 12(Tue) $241.00 $361.00 Closed
17-BJ1222 Dec 22(Fri) Dec 25(Mon) $241.00 $361.00 Open
18-BJ0106 Jan 06(Sat) Jan 09(Tue) $241.00 $351.00 Open
18-BJ0203 Feb 03(Sat) Feb 06(Tue) $241.00 $351.00 Open
18-BJ0304 Mar 04(Sun) Mar 07(Wed) $231.00 $351.00 Open
18-BJ0311 Mar 11(Sun) Mar 14(Wed) $231.00 $351.00 Open
18-BJ0325 Mar 25(Sun) Mar 28(Wed) $231.00 $351.00 Open
18-BJ0331 Mar 31(Sat) Apr 03(Tue) $301.00 $471.00 Open

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