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Basum Lake

Basum Lake in Nyingchi Region, Tibet In the Tibetan language basum means 'green water'. Basum Lake has become a popular tourist attraction in Nyingchi. The lake covers a total area of more than four square kilometers (about 990 acres) and lies at an altitude of over 3,700 meters (about 12,000 feet). The lake is shaped like a crescent and lies nestled in a small, but deep valley. Despite being far from the hustle and bustle of towns and cities, Basum Lake has become renowned because of its lush vegetation and the bluish green water. The lake water is extremely clear - you can easily see the bottom of the lake from the surface. The snow-covered mountains and the virgin forests encircling the lake are reflected in the water, much like beautiful girls enjoying themselves in a mirror. Sand gulls, white cranes, and other water-birds fly across the lake surface, searching for food or playing with each other. Fish swim leisurely in the lake, like those elderly people who stroll in the park in the early morning enjoying the good times. The whole setting is rather harmonious. Beside a stream south of Basum Lake there is a formation known as the 'seeking-child hole'. The hole is within a large stone and has a width of more than 20 centimeters (about eight inches) and a depth of about 40 centimeters (about 16 inches). A small round rock extrudes from the hole, which makes the entire shape resemble female genitalia. It is said that if you are hoping for a child, and you come here, your wish will come true. Murals in Cuozong Temple near Basum Lake, Nyinchi A huge rock lies in the northwest of the lake. A hole inside the rock is large enough only for one person. It is said that if you pass through the rock, any disease you have will be cured. That's Basum Lake, a holy and spectacular place which combines beautiful scenery and amazing legends.

Getting there:
Basum Lake is adjacent to national highway 318, making transport to the lake very convenient. There are long-distance shuttles which come here from Lhasa and Bayi Town. You will see the booking office for Basum Lake when you get off the shuttle at Bayi bridge. However, Bayi bridge is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from Basum Lake, which will take you more than eight hours to walk. On the way you can seek a lift from vehicles which are heading to the timber factory. Alternatively, you can rent a car in front of the post office in Bayi county.

Accommodation and dining:
A new Basum Lake Resort has been constructed with more than 70 beds available. The price varies from CNY 30 to CNY 120. However, the most enjoyable way to spend your time at Basum Lake is to camp beside the lake, which will make you feel like you are in fairyland. The restaurant in Basum Lake Resort can meet your basic food needs, although the prices are a little high.  

Admission Fee:  CNY 50 (Nov. 1 to Apr. 30)
CNY 100 (May 1 to Oct. 31) 



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