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Songzong Scenic Area

The Songzong Scenic Area, located in the Songzong town of Pome , features several picturesque scenic spots that make it worth a visit. The more famous spots include the magic Longya Shouting Spring, the holy Mount Songdongbare and Mount Kuijia, the Nayu Hot Springs, the Langqiu Grottoes and the Charao Ancient Walnut Tree.

The Longya Shouting Spring is situated in the eastern part of Pome, about 20 km. (12 miles) west of Zhamu, which is the county seat. The spring is situated at the bottom of a deep cliff along National Highway 318, so traveling there is very convenient. Visitors to the spring may shout loudly 'Please release waters' or alternatively throw stones at the cliff, and waters would gush from the gaps of the cliff. Believing that the waters have medical effects, many people drink from the spring, and some use the water for washing or bathing. Many local Tibetans often 'shout for water' here, and a number of pharmaceutical factories use the water in their products. Mount Songdongbare and Mount Kuijia are two adjacent snow mountains located behind the government buildings in Songzong. The best view of them is from Geni Hamlet, located on National Highway 318, approximately 40 km. (25 miles) from the county seat. Mount Songdongbare is considered one of the 13 famous sacred spots in the world. The natural features of the mountain host a myriad of religious symbols including: a cave for the cultivation of Padmasambhava - a master of Tibetan Buddhism, a stone statue and hot spring of King Gesar- a great Tibetan legendary hero, a fossil figure of Sakyamuni - the founder of Buddhism, and last but not the least, a fossil figure of Milarepa - a founder of Kagyu, the White Sect of {{Tibetan Buddhism|/features/buddhism.htm}}. With such religious significance attached to the mountain, it is believed that one can become a Buddha by circumambulating a circle around the mountain. Mount Kuijia sits to the right of Mount Songdongbare. The peak of the mountain was formed with several mantle rocks. During the spring and autumn seasons when the shrouded snows are thinner, the mountain, as seen from afar, resembles a castle like Potala Palace . It also resembles the ancient soldiers' armature with flower patterns, hence the name Mount Kuijia (Armature). Nayu Hot Springs are located in the Zuoru Gou, a pasture of Nayu Hamlet in the town of Songzong, about 74 km. (46 miles) away from the county seat. Two springs flow here, each having a slightly different water temperature. The waters of the springs are said to cure some diseases. The Langqiu Grottoes are situated in the Pasture of Langqiu Hamlet, about 53 km. (33 miles) away from the town of Songzong. There are three grottoes, which lie in the distant and dangerous cliffs, and offer challenging climbs for the adventurers. The Charao Ancient Walnut Tree stands in far reaches of Charao Hamlet, about 3.5 km. (2.2 miles) away from the government buildings of Songzong. The tree is at a circumference of 9.2 m. (30 ft.) and is nearly 20 m. (66 miles) tall. 
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