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Moraine Hills

The Pome Moraine Hills are the accumulative formation of ancient moraines, which can be found in Xumu and Yuren Villages of Pome , in the the Bodui Tsangbo River Drainage Area. Early in the 1930s, an English explorer came across them and suspected them being the deserts with tombs because of their unearthliness. Not until the 1980s did Chinese scientists determine that they were rare moraine accumulations formed during the late 4th Ice Age.
The best location to view these moraine hills is the Mayutang of Rexi Hamlet, Xumu Village, which has the largest, most complete and representative selection. There hundreds of hills cover an area of about 0.5 sq km. (124 acres). The largest of these is 40-60 m. (131-191 ft.) high and can be found 70 km. (43 miles) from the Pome County and 270 km. (168 miles) from the capital of Nyingchi , Bayi Town.
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