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Zhamu Town

Zhamu Town, as the former capital of the kingdom in Pome , is now the administrative centre of the county. There are nearly 10,000 residents here, including thousands of regular floating population of businessmen active beside the Palong Tsangbo River. Verdant forests and snow-covered mountains surround the town adding more natural charm to the area. For the political and cultural prestige it holds as well as its magical environment, Zhamu is always a must-see for travelers to Pome.
Gang Hamlet, which lies in a bend in the Palong Tsangbo River where it turns towards the Ya River, is a rather mysterious and enthralling resort area of Zhamu. Dordong Monastery, about 3 km. (2 miles) southwest of the town, is a perfect destination for pilgrims and those who are interested in Tibetan culture. Built in 1643, it is one of the three most famous monasteries in Pome, belonging to the Nyingmapa, or Red Sect of Tibetan Buddhism . The well-known Gawalung Monastery some distance away is a branch of this monastery. The monks who reside in this area prefer to live in the Dordong Monastery during the winter and move to the Gawalung Monastery in summer.
About 30 km. (18.6 miles) south of Zhamu lies the Gawalung Heavenly Pool. This pool is actually composed of three lakes, the central one of which has two islets within it. The pools are distributed on the northern side of Mount Dorela, which has an elevation over 4,300 m. (14,108 ft.) above the sea level. The picturesque Gangxiang Nature Reserve is situated on the south bank of Palong Tsangbo River, about 22 km. (14 miles) from Zhamu. It covers an area of 46 sq km. (11,367 acres), with high mountains, dense forests and abundant flora and fauna. Its towering spruces are the most spectacular.
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