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Though there is a lack of high rank hotels, the town of Nakchu has relatively convenient accommodation. Hotels and hostels are easily found, especially on Renmin Lu and Jiefang Lu. In other counties within the Nakchu region, we recommend you stay at the local government hostels, regardless of the conditions. Actually in most of the sightseeing areas of northern Tibet where hotels and hostels may not be available, travelers can always depend on the locals to provide accommodation for one or two nights. Sleeping bags and moisture-proof mattresses are nevertheless the necessity.

  Nakchu Hotel (2-Star)

Location: No.262, Seni Dong Lu, Town of Nakchu
Facilities: electric power provided by solar energy, hot water, meeting rooms, restaurants
Tel: 0896-3821898

  Changtang Xinyuan Hotel (to-be-3-Star)

Location: No.1, Zhejiang Zhong Lu, Town of Nakchu
Facilities: 24-hour hot water, entertainment center, laundry, saloon, central heating system, international long-distance telephone and restaurants providing a variety of different cuisines.
Tel: 0896-3828888

  Nakchu Grain Bureau Hostel

Location: Zhejiang Zhong Lu, Town of Nakchu
Rate: RMB 20-30/bed

  Nakchu Coach Station Hostel

Location: Nakchu Coach Station
Rate: RMB 20-30/bed

Those who plan to visit heavenly Lake Namtso can lodge in the town of Damxung, which is the nearest pass to the lake, or sleep overnight by the lake. From April to October, locals by Lake Namtso usually set up tents for travelers to lodge in.

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