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Vast and fertile pastures in Northern Tibet provide a variety of agricultural produce and foods. Except for highland barley and flour which is the staple diet, the local herdsmen's diet can be divided into two categories: one is 'red' food and the other is 'white' food. 'Red' represents meat, including beef, lamb, and occasionally pork while 'white' is the synonym for milk products. When traveling on the vast northern plateau, a bowl of yak butter tea or chang, several tsamba and a plate of hand held beef are regarded as the warmest welcome from the hospitable herders. To accept and enjoy the food is a respectful way to express your thanks.

The town of Nakchu has many conveniently located restaurants and tea houses. Some of them are on Renming Lu and Jiefang Lu, while others are scattered around the town. Though local Tibetan food would be the best choice, those who are not accustomed to highland food can also try the few restaurants providing Sichuan and Beijing Cuisine, according to their tastes.

Amdo Tea House, is located on Zhejiang Lu, Town of Nakchu. It provides sweet tea, yak butter tea and steamed buns.

Xiaquka Tea House, located on Liaoning Lu, serves mainly local food, such as yak butter tea, tsamba, sweet tea, etc.

When you are walking along heavenly Lake Namtso or riding a horse across grasslands, it is a good idea to drop in on a herder's family to taste authentic Tibetan food. However, packing food beforehand for fear of unexpected situations is also within our suggestions.

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