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Nakchu,[[ ]]which is the transportation pivot in the north Tibet, is quite easily accessible by travelers from both railway and highway.

By Train
Nakchu is the necessary stop when traveling by the Qinghai-Tibet Railway to Tibet. The railway extends 510 km. (317 mi.) within the region, passing two big stations of Nakchu and Amdo. The Nakchu Railway Station is located about 2 km. (1.2 mi.) west of Nakchu County, and adjoins Qinghai-Tibet Highway. All the trains from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Lanzhou, Xining, Chengdu and Chongqing will stop at Nakchu, while the trains from Lanzhou and Xining will stop at Amdo.

Details about Tibet Railway and the train schedule can be got at Tibet Railway.

By Bus
Nakchu is traversed by three big roads: Qingzang Highway (Qinghai-Tibet), Heichang Highway (Nakchu-Chamdo) and Anshi Highway (Amdo-Shiquanhe), and thus enjoys quite convenient transportation, especially between Lhasa and Qinghai. There are regular buses running between Nakchu and Lhasa, Damxung County (Lhasa), Sog County (Nakchu), Golmud (Qinghai) and other regions. The buses here are more frequent than on other highways leading to Tibet, and less subject to influences of the climate.

For traveling to Nakchu from Lhasa, buses are reachable from both the Lhasa Coach Station and Lhasa North Suburb Passenger Station. And buses in Nakchu can be boarded at the parking lot beside the Coach Station Guest House or the roadside. The address of the coach station is No.68, Jiefang Nanlu, Nakchu Town, and the phone number is 0896-3822159.

Details about the Lhasa buses to Nakchu can be found at Lhasa Transportation.

Other Transport Means

  In Nakchu Town
Since no formal bus service runs in the town of Nakchu, travelers can take minibuses or taxis for a good view of the town. Minibus tickets are usually CNY 2 while taxis cost CNY 10 regardless of the destination, as long as it is inside the town.

  Out of Town
Most of the scenic spots in northern Tibet are not accessible by coach. However, travelers can rent a 4WD or jeep with a driver from Lhasa or the town of Nakchu. Prices mainly depend on the distance you plan to travel and bargaining is possible.

Distances from the town of Nakchu
Distance (Kilometer/Mile)
Shuanghu Special Administrative Zone

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