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The staple diet of Shannan includes typical Tibetan food such as Tsamba, yak butter tea and chang. In addition to serving food, the Sichuan restaurants also provide shoulder rubs to offer another choice for travelers who may not be accustomed to the flavor of Tibetan food. Favored by a warm, humid climate, most of the Shannan Region is farmland, and the growers provide the region with a rich supply of vegetables. The restaurant prices are approximately the same as those in Lhasa. Yamdrok air-dry meat, a local food known for its tasty and special flavor, is definitely worth a try.  

  Jinhe Restaurant, located at No.39 Nedong Lu in the town of Tsedang, serves a wide range of Sichuan cuisine, typical Tibetan food as well as western food.   

  Fushun Jellied Bean Curd Restaurant, located on Nedong Lu in the town of Tsedang, serves jellied bean curd food with authentic Sichuan flavor.  

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