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Shannan, as the cradle of Tibetan people and civilization, is a must-see for travelers. And accommodation facilities are expanding to meet the growing demands of tourism. In Tsedang Town, the administrative center of Shannan, it is easy to find a starred hotel, unstarred hotel, hostel or guest house, mainly located on Nedong Road. Other counties are also equipped with ample budget hotels, hostels or guest houses. In the remote areas or around some lakes and rivers, camping may be a perfect choice, but remember to come prepared with a sleeping bag or coverlet. 'Sleeping over' in the temples is another option.

Tsedang Town

  Tsedang Hotel (to-be-4-star)
Tsedang Hotel is the largest and most luxurious hotel in Shannan. Its design features the diverse expressions of Han, Tibetan and European cultures, with unique garden features. The hotel is equipped both with Tibetan and Chinese styled guest rooms, with background sound, air-conditioning, refrigerator, international and domestic phone calls, oxygen access, a 24-hour hot water supply and other facilities.

Other services that the hotel offers include:
Dining: 6 dining halls, providing Tibetan, Sichuan, Guangdong and western dishes.
Amenities: karaoke hall, pub, café, tea house, sauna house, department store, beauty saloon, billiards room, bowling hall, chess room, table tennis room, exercise room, internet bar.
Business: 4 meeting rooms, business center, with services for computing, foreign currency exchange and post.      

Add: No.21, Nedong Road, Tsedang Town
Tel: 0893-7825555

  Shannan Hotel (2-star)
Shannan Hotel, a Hubei Province investment, is located in the centre of Tsedang Town, and near Yumbu Lakhang and Trandruk Monastery . It has 103 luxury, standard and economical guest rooms, with air-conditioning, circuit TV, hot water, international and domestic phone call facilities.

Other services include:
Dining: 1 banquet hall (130 people) and 15 luxury private dining rooms, supplying Tibetan, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan and western dishes.
Amenities: recreational hall, beauty saloon, night club.
Business: large meeting room, business center, car hiring, airplane ticket booking.

Add: No.13, Nedong Road, Tsedang Town.
Tel: 0893-7826168

  Tsedang Telecom Snow Pigeon Hotel (to-be-3-star)
The Hotel has 65 standard rooms, standard suites and luxury suites, with air-conditioning, background sound, circuit TV, international and domestic phone call, smoke alarm and other facilities.

The services also include:
Dining: Tibetan, Chinese and western dining halls and banquet hall.
Amenities: tea house, bowling hall, karaoke hall, beauty saloon, foot massage.
Business: meeting room, business center, laundry, airplane ticket booking, car hiring.
Add: No.1, Hubei Zhonglu, Tsedang Town.
Tel: 0892-7827777

  Shannan Post and Telecom Hotel (2-star)
The hotel is located at the foot of Mt. Gongpori, the nursery of the Tibetan people. It has nearly 60 rooms, including Tibetan style standard room, Han style standard room, honeymoon room and economical room, with vertical air-conditioning, hot water, bath, international and domestic phone call among other facilities.

Other services include:
Dining: Dining hall and banquet hall, supplying Tibetan Dishes, Sichuan Dishes, Guangdong Dishes, barbecue whole sheep and various common snacks.
Amenities: tea house and private tea room (150 people).
Business: meeting room (90 people), airplane ticket booking.

Add: No.10, Nedong Road, Tsedang Town
Tel: 0893-7821588

  Shannan Yulong Holiday Hotel (3-star)
Add: No.16, Nedong Road, Tsedang Town.
Tel: 0893-7832888

  Herdsman Guesthouse is located on Nedong Lu, the town of Tsedang, at the rate of CNY 20-50 per bed.  

  Jiaotong Guesthouse, located at the crossroad of Hubei Lu and Gesang Lu in Tsedang, is a small but well-equipped hostel with inexpensive rates. There is a 24-hour hot water supply.  

Gonggar County

  Changsha Hotel of Shannan (1-star)
Add: Deji Road, Gonggar County.
Tel: 0893-7393000

Samye Monastery

  Samye Monastery Guesthouse
located in the Samye Monastery, at the rate of CNY 15-30 per bed. A night spent here will give you an insight into life at the monastery and this will more than compensate for the limited facilities. Should you propose to stay here we recommend that you be equipped with a sleeping bag while an inflatable mattress will add a touch of luxury to the experience!

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Tashi Delek,
I would like to join a pilgramage group to Chokhor Gyal MOnastery and Lhamoi Latso Lake. Can you please give me some information about trips to this area either from NYC airports or elsewhere. I would like to stay at a better hotel and would appreciate your prices.


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hi Sarah,
i have booked a Tibet tour on this website last year and i really had a good time. all the guides are professtional and nice.
you can have a try:

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