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Shigatse City is the second largest city of Tibet, so reasonably good accommodations and facilities can be found there. If you are going to remote areas such as Zhangmu and Tingri, and especially Mt. Everest , make good preparations for the tough conditions they offer.

Shigatse City

  Hotel Manasarovar (Shenhu Jiudian) at No. 20 Qingdao Lu is a new three-star Tibetan style hotel. The hotel rooms are spacious and clean, and most of them contain a private bathroom and toilet. The staff is well trained and competent. Restaurants in the hotel serve local Tibetan foods as well as Sichuan and Cantonese cuisines. Cafe, lobby, business center, laundry, gym, beauty saloon and hairdresser are also available at the hotel.

  Shigatse Hotel (Rikaze Fandian) in Jiefang Dong Lu in the city center is the best local hotel near the grand Tashilhunpo Monastery and a Bank of China branch. The three-star hotel was founded in 1985 and decorated in traditional Tibetan style. Standard rooms and suites are divided into two kinds, Tibetan and western. Containing modern facilities and equipment, the hotel provides the best local service. Hot water is available 24 hours. It has a restaurant, business center, bar, gymnasium, shopping center, meeting room and many other services.

  Shigatse Shandong Mansion at No. 5 Beijing Bei Lu is a two-star hotel known as the highest mansion at this elevation. The 10-storey building was donated by Shandong Province and provides 111 rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning, satellite TV and so on. Gymnasium, lobby, bar, and meeting rooms are all available in the mansion.

  Telecom Hotel (Dianxin Binguan) at No. 2 Qingdao Lu is also a good choice for visitors. The rooms are comfortable and the restaurant can provide tasty food at a reasonable price. Business center and laundry service are also at hand.

  Tenzin Hotel is the most popular hostel among backpackers in Shigatse. About 20 minutes walk from the bus station, the hotel is located in the center of the city, near a souvenirs market. Standard rooms and clean beds are provided by this little hotel and the bathroom and toilet are shared with others. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the rooms are clean. Tenzin Restaurant on the first floor serves tasty food.

Gyangtse County

  Gyangtse Hotel is located at No.8 Yingqiong Nan Lu, in the old town of Gyangtse County. Winning the prize of 100 best star hotels in China in 1994, the hotel in Tibetan traditional style can provide quality service. The shopping center in the hotel is a good place to buy some traditional local handcrafts. Sometimes it also has local dancing and singing performances.

  Wutse Hotel in Sichuan Nan Lu is a three-star hotel consisting of three floors decorated and furnished in Tibetan and modern style. Suites, standard rooms and single bedrooms are well furnished and equipped. Hot water and private bathrooms are available. Restaurant, bar, business center, laundry and some other services are also provided by the hotel. English-speaking staff members are helpful and caring.

Tingri County

  Zhufeng Hotel located in Tingri County is about 100 km (about 62.1 miles) from the Qomolangma Base Camp (Everest Base Camp). Many visitors and backpackers like to stay in the hotel before trekking to the Qomolangma. The hotel can provide the best local service and has emergency facilities for altitude sickness and anoxia.

Visitors also can spend the night in the hostel of Rongbuk Monastery, the nearest accommodation site to Mt. Qomolangma, but its restaurant is quite expensive due to its location!

Zhangmu Town

  Zhangmu Hotel provides good local service. There are also many small hostels in Zhangmu Town, which are favored by backpackers.

Although the conditions might not be the best, there are more and more hostels and hotels in Shigatse Region now.

List of 2008 Shigatse Approved Starred Hotels
Star Grade
Wutse Hotel
Sichuan Nanlu
Shigatse Education Hotel
No.25, Shandong Lu
Gyangste Hotel
Gyangtse Town, Gyangtse County
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