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Mt. Everest

Mt. Everest (Mt. Qomolangma), the world's highest mountain with a height of 8844.43 metres (about 9672.39 yards), is the main peak of the Himalaya mountain range. Found in Tibet's Tingri County, it is known in Tibetan by the name, 'Mt. Qomolangma'. Qomolangma, which signifies 'Goddess the Third' in the Tibetan language, is a fitting moniker for the mountain given its pyramidal shape and its almost holy dimensions. Countless glaciers cover its surface all the year round, the longest of which extends over a distance of more than 26 kilometers (about 16 miles). Thanks to her raggedness and mightiness, the Mt. Everest is a desired destination for mountaineering enthusiasts and professional athletes.

 The Mt. Everest Natural Reserve Area
The Mt. Everest Natural Reserve Area borders the Tibet Autonomous Region and Nepal, and covers a total area of about 13,050 square miles. The Mt. Everest Natural Reserve Area takes the Mt. Everest as the main role and other vegetations as the attachment. There are various kinds of angiosperms, gymnosperms, ferns, lichens, epiphyte, and so on. More than 50 kinds of wild beasts and over 200 sorts of birds live there. The snow leopard is the chosen animal symbol for the entire reserve area. Thick virgin forests, precious trees, massive glaciers are all in abundance.

 Getting there:
You can take shuttle bus from Shigatse or Lhatse to New Tingri (Tingri County is divided into two parts: the old Tingri and the new Tingri), and then, walk the 100 meter (about 109 yards) to Mt. Everest.  The best choice is to rent a car from Lhasa to get to the reserve area.

Rongbuk Monastery is the only place where you can lodge around the Mt. Everest area. The cost is about CNY 25 for each bed. In fact Rongbuk Monastery is a good site to enjoy the beauty of the Mt. Everest both in the morning and at dusk.

Anyone who wants to visit Mt. Everest must obtain the appropriate travel permit.
Admission fee:
CNY 180 for The Mt. Everest Natural Reserve Area
Hours of operation:
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what is the equivalent CNY to Phil. peso


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Asked by Rady Bonachita (Philippines)

The rate of exchange changes now and then. At present, 100 CNY =670.2 peso.

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