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Sakya Monastery

Sakya Monastery in Shigatse, Tibet. The Sakya Monastery has a history of more than 900 years and is the leading monastery for the Sakyapa school of Tibetan Buddhism. The Monastery was constructed on a patch of earth (Sa) that was grey (kya), hence the name Sakya and it covers a total area of 14,700 square meters (about 3.6 acres). The Sakya Monastery is surrounded by ramparts which are five meters high (about 16 feet). Its main hall is over 5,700 square meters (about 1.4 acres) with 40 huge pillars supporting the roof. Early in 11th century AD, a great many religious scholars occupied the Sakya Monastery; and they left thousands of texts on Buddhism, which established the reputation of this famous monastery. A number of cultural relics and artifacts in the Sakya Monastery ensure that it is a historical and cultural museum, presenting its glittering past to all visitors. One of most significant and attractive features of the Sakya Monastery is its well-kept frescos. It is no exaggeration to say that these frescos are an aggregation of Tibetan murals. Some of them are a narrative of Buddhist legends; some depict Tibetan history; some illustrate certain big spectacles. These vivid and amazing frescos and the ambiance of the Monastery will definitely transport you back in time, creating the sensation of being personally in the scenes in the murals.
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CNY 50
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