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New Palace of Panchen

New Palace of Panchen, Shigatse The New Palace of Panchen is located south of the Tashilhupo Monastery . It is famous as the summer palace of the tenth Panchen Lama (1938-1989). It majestically blends both traditional and modern architectural styles. Green plants cover the palace, creating a natural and peaceful environment.
There are three gates of the New Palace of Panchen. The first gate has four red poles supporting the eaves. Noted for their great artistry and beauty, they are adorned with carvings of Buddhist stories and figures including images of fierce wild beasts, flying dragons and a variety of floral patterns. After passing through the first gate you will continue on a gravel path to the second gate which spans a quadrangle. After traversing the second gate you will see the magnificent palace. Entering the third gate, visitors can view the palace interior, including the Panchen Lama bedrooms, drawing rooms, sutra hall, Buddha hall and Buddhist Guardian Hall. The palace houses a number of precious cultural relics including spectacular frescos. The most famous fresco is 'Phakpa Meeting Kublai Khan', depicting Lama Chogyal Phakpa (1235-1280 AD) joining the court of Kublai Khan (1215-1294 AD) as imperial spiritual teacher. Southeast of the New Palace of Panchen is Lingka Woods, one of the four lingkas (Tibetan parks) in Shigatse City. During 'Lingka Woods Festival' local people put up tents or gather to sit on the ground. Celebrations include dancing, singing and other festive activities.  
Admission Fee:
CNY 30

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