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Some people joke that in Tibet even a careless shot will get a picture that is likely to win the top prize of a photo contest. Indeed, Tibet is everywhere full of charm.

In order to take satisfying pictures of Tibet, tourists must first make careful preparations. As people may feel weak at high altitudes, it is not encouraged to take too much photographic equipment. However, you'd better take sufficient film since most film sold in remote areas is fake products. Extra batteries are advised, as battery life shortens considerably in low temperatures. Lithium batteries are a good choice. A UV lens will be very useful to protect your camera from the strong ultraviolet radiation. A spare camera should also be packed in your baggage. What a pity it would be for your camera to fail, and cause you to miss these marvelous pictures! Moreover, when you are on the plateau, avoid exposing your camera to the sunlight for too long time, and keep it away from cold, rain, and sandy winds. When taking photos, you must respect Tibetan customs. In some areas, people believe that it is inauspicious to have their photo taken, so ask first for permission of the people you want to photograph. Giving presents sometimes works well to show your friendliness. In some monasteries, it is offensive to take photos, especially photos of statues in the shrine. Sometimes, a certain amount of money should be paid. The amount depends on the popularity of the monastery. Do not take photos secretly in these places. It may bring about unexpected troubles and even be against local regulations. Finally, remember not to take photos in sensitive military areas. In some areas it is very inconvenient to recharge a video camera since there is no power in the villages. Talk to the manager of a restaurant, and perhaps he will help you. Some restaurants generate electric power with their own generators. Don't let the frequent summer rains stop your photography. The rain can provide some very special photographs. Get a friend to help with the umbrella.
Comments and Questions

Do we need passport to travel to Tibet from India


12/13/2011 5:08:00 AM


Asked by Balaji (India)

yes, of course you need a passport.
you also need to apply tourist visa for China, and the Tibet Travel Permit, foreign visitors are also not allowed to travel individually in Tibet, so i suggest you book a tour from a travel agency, and the agency will apply the entry permit for you.

12/13/2011 6:21:00 PM