Tibet Travel FAQs
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Tibet Travel FAQs

There is a series of frequently asked questions and answers referring to the overall matters of Tibet travel. The information below ranges from the pre-trip planning to the very details along the journey. We hope it will be a great help to your trip.  

Key to Trip-Planning

  Must I travel to Tibet by a travel agency?

  What should I consider when working with a travel agency?

  Where does the uniqueness of Tibet travel lie?

  Which attractions can best attest to a Tibet travel?

  Can you recommend some of the best attractions around Tibet?

  Can you provide the altitudes of the main regions in Tibet, so that I can have a better plan before the trip?

  Is winter good for traveling in Tibet?


  How can I be sure you are a reliable travel agency?

  Which kind of tours do you provide?

  I have some questions about your tours, where can I find help? How can I book a tour?

  Do you provide any insurance?


  Can I obtain a Tibet Permit from you?

  How much does the TTB permit cost? Which is the legal issuing organization?

  Does each individual in a group need a separate permit or only does the group get one that covers everybody? Can we hold the permits ourselves and use them privately? Are copies of the permit valid?

  Should I handle the visa or the Tibet travel permits first?

  If I plan a tour into Tibet, the central land of China and Katmandu, which kind of documents shall I obtain? How shall I arrange the tour?


  Is it safe to travel in Tibet?

  Is cold very serious for going to Tibet? What shall I do if I catch cold in Tibet?

  Can I buy western medicines in Tibet or should I bring them all with me?

  What clothes should I wear when traveling in Tibet?

  I hear that the sunshine is ruthless in Tibet? How can I protect my skins?

  Is it convenient for me to bring cash or credit cards in Tibet?

  Should I bring an umbrella?

  Is film easily available in Tibet?

  Can I wear contact lenses outside in Tibet?

  I heard that some small gifts will make the communication with Tibetans easy, which ones shall I take?


  what is the better way to get to Tibet? Should I travel by air or by road?

  Should I travel by the Sichuan-Tibet Highway or Qinghai-Tibet Highway?

  How is the condition of trains on Tibet Railway? How can I buy a ticket easily?

  I want to change the schedule of my trip, how can I change or return the airplane ticket? How about the fees?

  How is the transportation inside Tibet?


  What is the condition of the accommodation in Tibet?

  Are there many starred hotels in Tibet? Are they difficult to book? And are they expensive?

  Does Lhasa have a five-star hotel?

  Do the hotels in Tibet provide water heaters?

  Can I use the internet in the hotels in Tibet?

  Do the hotels provide drinkable water? What about coffee?

  Do I need a tent or sleeping bag in Tibet? Where can I get them in Tibet?

  Can I lodge in the local houses?

  Can you recommend some hotels in Lhasa and other regions?


  I am a vegetarian will I be able to eat a balanced diet when I'm in Tibet?

  Are the Tibetan food spicy?

  Will I get used to Tibetan food? What if I can't?

  Do I need to bring some food items on the travel?

  Can I recognize the menus in the Tibetan restaurants? Are they only in Tibetan?

  Where can I have the authentic Tibetan Dishes in Lhasa? What about in the other regions?


  Is it difficult for me to get a ticket for Potala Palace? How much does it cost?

  Is it ok for me to bathe every day?

  How about the shopping markets in Tibet? Are there many fakes? Can I bargain?

  I can speak some standard Chinese, but I have learnt that the Tibetan language is quite different, so I wonder if the Tibetans understand Putonghua?

  Where can I change my money into CNY?

  Can I see sky burial in Tibet?

  Can you explain Tibetan etiquettes and taboos?

  May I take photos of Tibetan people, especially elderly people? Should I give money for the photography?

  Can I take photos in the monasteries in Tibet?

  Should I give money to the monks and beggars in Tibet?

  To whom can I complain?

  What do I do in case of emergency?

Comments and Questions

want to go to tibet from chengdu - taking the train to lhasa. In Lhasa, want to go to tour everest base camp. Come back by bus from Lhasa to chengdu or to shangrila. Is it possible?
How much is the cost?


10/22/2011 11:38:00 PM


Asked by tee (Malaysia)

it is possible, tee,
but foreigners are not allowed to visit Tibet as individual visitors, so you need to book a tour in a travel agencies and go with a group.
you also need to apply a Tibet Travel Permit, which you can only obtain through the travel agency.
i booked a Tibet tour on Tibettrip.com last year, and i want to recommand it to you as i had a wonderful Tibet tour.

10/23/2011 7:09:00 PM



Want to travel to Tibet from the 9th of May, 2011 for 10 days. Need help planning it.


4/17/2011 11:17:00 PM


Asked by sopa compi (Thailand)

hi sopa compi,
individual visitors are not allowed to travel to Tibet, so you have to join in a group tour to Tibet.
i ordered a Tibet tour from this website, and i really had a good time. the guides and drivers are very professional.
i strongly recommend you to book a tour from this website.

4/18/2011 10:01:00 PM


Janet Smith ( United States )

Right now I am a 20 year old American living in Kunming, China. I want to come travel in Tibet but eventually to Nepal at the end of September, but I don't want to join an organized tour group. I was wondering if there was any way to get the necessary visas I need to enter without having to pay for an organized group? The groups are very expensive and I want to explore on my own. What do you know about this? Any information would be greatly appreciated.


9/2/2009 12:21:00 AM


Asked by Bret Newman (China)

Thanks for your inquiry.

The permit of Tibetan Tourist Bureau (TTB) can only be acquired by travel agent. One cannot apply for it by oneself. If you do not want to join a tour group, you may try to find a travel companion and apply for the TTB permit together.

9/2/2009 9:19:00 PM



Hi Namkiat,
Yes it is open all year round.


2/26/2009 12:10:00 AM


Asked by cc

lhasa open in April 2009 ? I will go to lhasa in 10 Apr 2009


2/25/2009 10:25:00 PM


Asked by Namkiat (THAI) (Thailand)