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  Q: Is it safe to travel in Tibet?
A: Tibetans are quite unsophisticated, frank and hospitable, and quick with smiles and greetings. In their homes they will treat you as an honored guest. And due to the widespread religious beliefs among the people, they would never do something that is deliberately unfaithful or harmful to others. So it is safe to travel in Tibet. Dangers in Tibet stem mainly from natural disasters, accidents and sometimes from encounters with animals.

  Q: Is cold very serious for going to Tibet? What shall I do if I catch cold in Tibet?
A: The sufferers of common cold have a weak immunity to diseases, and a serious cold may easily result in pulmonary edema or other serious mountain sicknesses, which are quite dangerous without timely treatment. However, if you catch cold in Tibet, it will not be so serious for you have already had some acclimatization to the plateau environment, and the doctors in Tibet are quite expert on treating cold. You can also take some medicines yourself, which can cure the cold in 1 or 2 days.

  Q: Can I buy western medicines in Tibet or should I bring them all with me?
A: Yes, apart from Tibetan medicines, almost all the medicine stores or hospitals in Tibet sell western medicines.

  Q: What clothes should I wear when traveling in Tibet?
A: First you should watch the temperature of the day and decide what to wear. Here are some additional tips: there is a great variation of temperature from day to night in Tibet so warm clothes are a necessity on the travel. Except during summer, feather down clothes and woolen underpants are needed – in summer a sweater is still needed. On Mt. Everest, Ngari and north Tibet, feather down clothes are needed throughout the year.

  Q: I hear that the sunshine is ruthless in Tibet? How can I protect my skins?
A: Hat, sun protection cream, sunglasses, lipstick, and long-sleeve tops and trousers are needed. Don't wash your faces too frequently, and it's also good to apply some yak butter in Tibet! Additionally, you could eat more vegetables and fruits.

  Q: Is it convenient for me to bring cash or credit cards in Tibet?
A: It is more convenient to take along enough cash with you to Tibet, and it is quite safe. Credit cards can also be used in Tibet, but this can be adversely affected by the bad communication system there.

  Q: Should I bring an umbrella?
A: Tibet's rain falls mainly at night, so umbrellas are not really necessary when traveling by day.

  Q: Is film easily available in Tibet?
A: It is hard to buy good film for your camera in Tibet, so bring what you will need from home.

  Q: Can I wear contact lenses outside in Tibet?
A: Tibet is always dusty, sandy, and windy, so it’s better not to wear contact lenses when outside.

 Q: I heard that some small gifts will make the communication with Tibetans easy, which ones shall I take?
A: Stationeries, such as pencils, notebook, ball pen are quite scarce in Tibet, which can be welcomed by the Tibetans especially the students. Other snacks such as biscuits and candies are also helpful.

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