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 Q: I am a vegetarian will I be able to eat a balanced diet when I'm in Tibet?
A: Yes, but vegetables and fruits are scarce and you may meet higher price on them. Please refer to Food & Drink? to see what to eat in Tibet.

 Q: Are the Tibetan food spicy?
A: Tibetan cuisine tastes very light, aromatic, sweet and crisp. Most of the dishes are mixed with no spices except some salt, shallot and garlics.

 Q: Will I get used to Tibetan food? What if I can't?
A: Tibetan Dishes are not simply a harmonizing of the strange food, but have been developed into a distinctive cuisine which is not only nutritious but also tantalizing in taste, color and class. These kinds of local dishes are very popular with the outside travelers, but if they are not to your liking, you can have buns, porridges, noodles, tea with milk and other dishes.

 Q: Do I need to bring some food items on the travel?
A: Chocolates, beef jerky, preserved pickles, biscuits and other high caloric food, as well as mineral waters and drinks are also necessary to bring with you. Some more dried or fresh fruits and vegetables or some vitamins supplements are helpful if you rely much on them.

 Q: Can I recognize the menus in the Tibetan restaurants? Are they only in Tibetan?
A: With more and more travelers in Tibet, many Tibetan restaurants are beginning to translate their menus into Chinese, English and some other languages.

 Q: Where can I have the authentic Tibetan Dishes in Lhasa? What about in the other regions?
A: Here is a link for information on dining in Lhasa to get information on the famous Tibetan restaurants in Lhasa. You can also refer to 'Dining' in Tibet Guide  in this website for regional dining information.

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