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What to Pack

For traveling in Tibet, it is advisable to take as little baggage as possible, but certain items are necessary. Here is some advice.

1. Documents. Mainland Chinese people need only the same documents as those needed when they visit other places in China. As to Hong Kong and Macau residents, Taiwanese and foreigners, please refer to Visa & Travel Permit.

2. Clothes and bags. Situated high above sea level, Tibet has fairly cold weather even in the summer. It is much colder at night than the daytime. In some areas, it even snows all through the year. Take warm clothes with you, such as sweaters and down garments, and if possible extra clothes. You may need them one day. Do not forget a pair of durable and comfortable shoes. Roads in Tibet may be much worse than you have imagined. Shoes must be water proof because it rains frequently. If you can bring a raincoat with you, it is better. As for bags, you'd better have a backpack and a waist bag. With a backpack, you can move more freely. In the waist bag, you can put important things, such as documents, money, and keys.

3. Daily articles. Hotels in some areas are very simple. You should take with you a cup, a small towel, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and slippers. It is not very convenient to wash clothes, so disposable underpants will help you a lot. An electric torch is also necessary as some hotels don't even have power at night and sometimes you may have to travel early in the morning.

4. Medicine. Almost every tourist will have mountain sickness?on the plateau. Medicine to prevent and cure mountain sickness is indispensable. This kind of medicine in Tibet is very effective; you can also buy some after your arrival. Besides, it would be wise to bring medicine for cold, head ache, stomach ache, and insect bite and so on.

5. Skin care products. On the plateau, the wind is very strong, so is the solar radiation. It is very useful to take skin care products, such as lip balms, sun block, and skin creams. Sunglasses and hats can also protect you effectively from being exposed to the scorching sunlight. Please pay much attention to this advice. Many people just neglect it and are seriously burnt on the trip. 6. Cash. In Tibet, credit cards can only be used in big cities. Remember to bring some cash in different denominations. 7. Others. You can take other personal articles as you like. For example, a camera or notebook to record your trip will ensure your travels are more memorable.
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