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What to Buy

Shopping in Tibet Tibetan Costumes: Less affected by other costume cultures, Tibetan costumes remain in their original style. Both the style and the color combinations are very exotic. A piece of clothing, a small hat or even a piece of pulu will win the admiration of friends who have not been to Tibet. Click Tibetan Costume to learn more about Tibetan costumes and pulu.
Thangkas: With a history of over 1,000 years, thangkas are Tibetan-style scrolls usually painted with figures of the Buddha or the Avalokitesvara.

Tibetan Incense: Tibetan incense is usually used in religious activities. Stored in a wardrobe, it will not only make clothes fragrant but also fend off moths. Some people even say that Tibetan incense can prevent contagious diseases and epidemics. No matter if it is true or not, you are assured that it is very good for your health.
Tsa-Tsa: Tsa-tsa refers to clay-made figures of the Buddha enshrined by Tibetans to ask for the blessings of the Buddha. They are treasures of Tibetan art.

Masks: Masks are used in religious ceremonies, in Tibetan operas and masks of Buddhist gods are hung over the girders of monasteries.

Tibetan Carpets, Shopping in Tibet

Tibetan Knives: Besides their practical functions, Tibetan knives can also be used as a kind of accessory. Carved with various pictures on the sheath and adorned with shining jewels, they may outshine any item in your collection.

In addition to the items above, tourists can get Tibetan carpets, Tibetan paper, wooden bowls, embroideries and bone carvings, etc. Tibetan Medicine is also a good choice, but you'd better buy it in state-owned pharmacies.
Barkhor Street may be the busiest street in Tibet. It is not only a street of Tibetan culture, but also a business street. A wide variety of handicrafts, relic replicas, precious porcelain and delicate accessories are sold in the shops and stalls along the street, including most of the items mentioned above. Dazzled by arrays of goods, you may feel lost and wonder what to buy. These recommendations may help.
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