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Lhasa Attractions

As the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism and the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa has well preserved Buddhist constructions and a devout population. When you are in Lhasa, plan to visit its grand and mysterious palaces and monasteries. Potala Palace, Lhasa attraction The greatest and highest palace in the world, the Potala Palace , can be seen from every corner of Lhasa. This grand palace on Red Hill, on the northwest outskirts of Lhasa, silently overlooks the hustle and bustle life of ordinary people. You must buy your tickets for a tour early because there are only 850 people admitted each day. And also you have to show your passport or ID card when purchasing because there is a rule: one card, one ticket! fter your tour, you can walk to Norbulingka , the former Summer Palace of the Dalai Lamas, to enjoy a beautiful view of Lhasa. The palace is now a park opened to both locals and visitors. To the right of the Potala Palace, there is the Chakpori Hill.
Later, you can take No.401 or 402 buses to get to Sera Monastery , which is famous for its monks' debates. A debate begins at 3 P.M. every day. Hundreds of monks gather in the garden to practice and debate Buddhism with others. If locals permit, you can also visit the nearby site of the Sky Burial , located on Tatipu Hill behind the Sera Monastery.

Tibet landscape If you are coming to Lhasa during the Shoton Festival which begins on the 30th of the 6th Tibetan month, you should not miss {{Drepung Monastery|/lhasa/drepung.htm}} . Take a taxi or No. 3 bus to the monastery; you will be amazed by the giant image of Buddha unfolded on the hill. Thousands of pilgrims worship the Buddha devoutly by offering virgin white Hadas and flowers. {{Jokhang Temple|/lhasa/jokhang.htm}} in the center of old Lhasa is also a must-see. Since the holy statue of Sakyamuni (aged 12) has been enshrined in the temple, pilgrims from all over the world surround and worship it every day and night. {{Barkhor Street|/lhasa/barkhor.htm}} around the Jokhang Temple was originally founded by early pilgrims. In this typical traditional Tibetan residential area full of stores, restaurants, hostels, visitors, and of course, thousands of religious pilgrims, the ancient street offers anything you might want to buy. Bargaining with the stall-keepers is expected, and another fun part of your visit. Just 100 meters to the east of the Barkhor Street , there is the {{Lhasa Great Mosque|/lhasa/great-mosque.htm}} (Hebalin Mosque). Debating lamas in Sera Monastery, Lhasa

Other Buddhist monasteries scattered around Lhasa, such as Ganden Monastery , Ramoche Monastery , and Tsurphu Monastery , make the city a mysterious and sacred place. The Nietang Buddha which is the most splendid stone sculpture in the city is also worthy to have a visit. Tibet Museum in the southeast part of Norbulingka and the Site of Qugong Culture well preserve thousands of precious cultural relics of ancient Lhasa.

For people who are willing to learn more essence of Tibet, the Lhasa Nangri Folk Custom Garden and the Tibetan Traditional Hospital should not be missed in the trip. After sightseeing in the city, you can take a coach from the Lhasa Bus Station to Yangpachen . Bathe in the hot springs and relax. You will forget the hustle and bustle of modern cities.

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