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Site of Qugong Culture (Qoigung Ruins)

The site of Qugong Culture (Qoigung Ruins) is located in the north suburb of Lhasa City. It is, in actuality, a Neolithic Age ruins with an area covering a total of 5,000 square meters (about 5,980 square yards). It is the discovery of Qugong Ruins that has pushed the history of Lhasa approximately 4,000 years forward. This great discovery indicates that human beings had lived in Lhasa at least 4,000 years earlier than originally believed, farming, hunting and carrying about various other daily activities. A large number of stonewares, spiculas, bone pricks, bone pieces, pottery pieces, and other artifacts have been excavated in these ruins. In addition, a small number of grinded stonewares and jade articles have also been unearthed here.
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