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Lhasa Nangri Folk Custom Garden

For visitors who are interested in the local customs of mysterious Tibet, Lhasa Nangri Folk Custom Garden is unassailably the best choice. The garden is located in the Nangri Gully, a quiet northern suburb of Lhasa, about 6 km (4 mi) away from the city center. All forms of folk customs, including local houses, food and drinks, handicrafts, languages, medicines, songs, dances, and operas are vividly shown in the garden. Visitors can also taste authentic Tibetan dishes, purchase a souvenir, climb the mountain, ride a horse, shoot arrows and have a formal Tibetan wedding ceremony there. It is not only a museum to become acquainted with Tibetan folklores, but also a really wonderful land for relaxation and recreation. The gully can also be seen with many other famous scenic spots, such as one of the three largest temples of Lhasa - Sera Monastery, the place where the Tibetan language was created - Palbengang Monastery and the thousands years old Qoigung Ruins. Climbing to the summit, the panoramic view of Lhasa ancient city, Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street can also be picked up.
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