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Tibet Museum

Statue of Tara, Tibet Museum, Lhasa The Tibet Museum is located in the southeast corner of Norbulingka in Lhasa. Covering an area of 53,959 square meters (about 13 acres), it is the first museum with modern facilities in all of Tibet. Generally speaking, the Tibet Museum consists of a prelude hall, main exhibit halls and a cultural relic storeroom. The entire building presents distinctive characteristics of traditional Tibetan architectural art; meanwhile it fully embodies the practicality and artistic connotation of modern construction. Collections of the Tibet Museum are abundant, such as relics of a prehistorical age, Buddha statues of various materials and shapes, amazingly colorful thangka paintings, folk handicrafts, and so on. They provide you an excellent chance to witness the shining glory of a past Chinese civilization.

Admission fee:
CNY 30
Opening hours for museum:

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