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Lhasa Great Mosque (Hebalin Mosque)

Eastward about 100 meters (about 109 yards) from the famous Barkhor Street in Lhasa, is a special living area for Muslims. It is on this site that Lhasa Great Mosque stands. Its name is written on the main door in Arabic script, and Tibetan and Chinese characters. The entire wall of the mosque is decorated in traditional Islamic flower patterns with blue as its basic color. The mosque, therefore, leaves visitors with a strong impression of the grand beauty of this type of religious building.
Lhasa Great Mosque was originally built in the middle period of the 18th century; however it unfortunately burned to the ground. The present mosque was rebuilt in 1959, in the traditional form with a rounded arched roof and minaret. The group of structures consists of a pailou, worship hall, school, lingka, and others. Whenever one visits this mosque, one is always surrounded by a distinctive tranquility, something that seems very hard to find in today's world. There are usually between 250 to 300 muslims who worship daily at this site. One will surely be touched at the sight of their devotion to their mighty God.
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